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The room was horrible. It was filthy. It smelled of dog and cat urine. I reserved a pet room then they insisted that I didn't. I could not understand why I was put in a pet room if they didn't know I had a pet. I have to ask myself, what they do with the $25 a day pet fee, because they definitely do not use it to clean the rooms. It is hard enough to find a pet friendly hotel without having to put up with the abuse they give to their customers here.

While I was in the shower I believe maintenance tried to enter my room. My dog became more upset than I have ever seen him for some reason.

When I got out of the shower to see why my dog was so upset, there was a loud pounding which set the dog off more. There was a man screaming at me through the door and because of how upset my dog was I could not understand him. I called the front desk and was told that I had not paid a deposit fee. When I asked them to add it to my credit card, they said I had to pay cash. When I told them I would be down there to pay it she got very nasty with me and I right back. I then told them I was checking out but they refused to refund my money for the second night. This was at 10 AM; I had plenty of time to cancel according to policy that I booked room through. I had to go through my credit card to be refunded the amount for the second night that I did not stay. The way they acted totally terrified me. They were very intimidating and threatening. I would not stay there again nor recommend anyone stay there.

This is an independently owed hotel so the chances of getting anything resolved with management are less than zero. They do not care that Shoney’s Inn is on their sign; they go by their own policy.

Shoney's Inn should be ashamed to have their good name on the sign.

It was funny when I called Shoney's Inn Headquarters and mentioned it was Louisiana, they told me what city. I wonder why that is. Seems I am not the first one to have problems with these people.

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I did not call to ask to be charged. I called to find out why maintenance was pounding on my door. Please read what I originally wrote.

I have no problem paying the deposit. I pay it all the time. I do have a problem with the staff trying to come into my room while I am in the shower and with them purposely pounding as to upset my dog.

I also have a problem with the room smelling so bad that it is obvious as to why they wanted cash only for the deposit.


I am right there with ya.Absolutely the worst freakin motel in history.

I made reservations there for Hurricane Gustav. I booked two 1st floor, non smoking rooms with double beds. When I arrived they had given my rooms away and told me that I could take or leave the two rooms on the second floor. Now I had my 85 year old grandmother with me, one that walks with a walker and for long distances, has to ride in a wheelchair.

THey were very rude and ugly.

First available hotel we were out of there!!!!:upset

Big Stone Gap, Virginia, United States #10375

The $25 deposit is for the additonal cleaning the hotel staff must do.Sounds like they are not doing it.

Some of your story is a little fishy.Why would you call the desk to ask to be charged doesnt make sense.

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